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máy chấm công


An attendance machine is a device used to record the attendance of employees or students. It is an essential tool for organizations and educational institutions to keep track of attendance and monitor the punctuality of their employees or students. 

Hệ thống tham dự thời gian sinh trắc học SDK API Thiết bị phát hiện khuôn mặt và máy ghi dấu vân tay Máy ghi hình tham dự

The SDK API Device Face Detection and Fingerprint Time Recording Attendance Machine is equipped with both facial recognition and fingerprint scanning capabilities, making it easy to identify employees or other individuals who need to track their time and attendance. The machine is highly efficient, with the ability to quickly and continuously identify faces without any risk of malfunction or breakdown.

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Dấu vân tay sinh trắc học ghi lại thời gian ghi thông thông minh Đồng hồ nhận dạng nhân viên Máy điện tử Máy điện tử

Our Biometric Fingerprint Time Recording system supports a wide range of languages, including English, Spanish, Korean, Turkish, Indonesian, Thai, Persian, Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese Traditional, and Simplified Chinese. By default, we provide the product with an English version, but if you need a different language, just leave us a message or contact us. The system has a simple structure, making it easy to install and use.

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Dấu vân tay sinh trắc học thời gian tham dự thời gian độc lập đồng hồ máy viết dấu vân tay nhân viên

The Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance Standalone Time Clock Machine is a dependable, precise, and effective way to keep track of employee attendance. This machine saves organizations time and money by ensuring that employees are paid accurately for their work hours. Dongguan Xingyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. can accommodate a large number of attendance machines to meet your needs.

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Thời gian lấy dấu vân tay thông minh tham dự điều khiển truy cập sinh trắc học 2,8 inch

The Smart Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine helps organizations keep track of their employees’ attendance. This machine uses advanced biometric identification technology, specifically fingerprint scanning, to accurately record the attendance of each employee and store this data in a centralized database, making it easier for businesses to manage their operations and make informed decisions.

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Thời gian tham dự Máy sinh trắc học Nhận dạng dấu vân tay Thiết bị máy quét thời gian sinh trắc học Hệ thống tham dự nhân viên Đồng hồ thời gian

The Time Attendance Machine offers 3 easy ways to ensure clear recognition: fingerprint, card, and password. Plus, it supports multiple languages, including English, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, and more. And if you have a specific language in mind, we’re happy to customize it for you! Want to know more about attendance machine, welcome to contact us!

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Phần mềm web tham dự máy phát hiện khuôn mặt thời gian tham dự hệ thống kiểm soát cửa truy cập cửa

The web software attendance machine streamlines attendance management and building security. It’s typically installed at the entrance of a building, allowing employees to clock in and out by simply scanning their faces. The system records this information, along with the exact time of entry and exit, and sends it to a centralized database via the internet. This all-in-one solution is perfect for businesses looking to simplify their attendance tracking and enhance their building security.

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Đồng hồ thời gian id face face với giao tiếp wifi và SDK dựa trên đám mây miễn phí với pin có thể tháo rời cho nhân viên

The Eseye Face ID Time Clock uses facial recognition technology to accurately and efficiently record employee attendance. With its high-resolution camera, it can capture clear images of employees’ faces from all angles, even in challenging lighting conditions. This means you can trust that your attendance data is always accurate and reliable. It’s like having a personal attendance assistant that never makes mistakes!

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Biometrics Face + Finger Time Agence Machine và Access Control

The Face and Finger Time Attendance machine with access control is a super versatile device with tons of features. It uses the latest technology to make sure attendance tracking is super accurate and reliable, even in busy workplaces. Plus, it’s got a user-friendly interface and customizable settings, so businesses of all sizes can easily keep track of employee attendance, schedule shifts, and automate payroll processes.

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Công nghệ nhận dạng mặt 3D Máy đánh dấu thẻ danh dấu dấu vân tay

The 3D face recognition technology Fingerprint punch card Attendance machine can effortlessly control door access, connecting with intelligent equipment to support hands-free automatic operation. It’s easy to install anywhere, making it ideal for companies, schools, and industries that require highly accurate attendance tracking. With it, you can achieve fully automatic management.

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Dấu vân tay in dấu vân tay thiết bị ghi âm thời gian sinh trắc học máy

The Biometric Time Attendance Machine supports both face and fingerprint recognition, so you can choose your preferred method for attendance tracking. Despite its small size, it’s equipped with double cameras to ensure clear face identification. Plus, it can store up to 1000 fingerprints, faces, passwords, and cards separately, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

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Giá rẻ tiền sinh trắc học nhân viên máy ghi máy đối mặt với máy tham dự

The Staff Face Recognition Attendance Machine is lightning fast, identifying faces in just 0.6 seconds and detecting up to 3 faces at once. It’s equipped with cutting-edge technology for lightning-fast and highly efficient identification even if you wear mask. Perfect for industries that require accurate and efficient attendance tracking.

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Hỗ trợ mạng dự phòng Sao lưu Face and Domprint Time Machine

The battery powered face and fingerprint time attendance machine is built with advanced technology and equipment, making it a reliable and efficient option for your business. Plus, it supports multiple languages, so you can choose the language that works best for you. The face recognition distance is from 0.5m to 2m, which is widely accepted and ensures accurate attendance tracking.

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